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Multi room systems for homes in the Sidcup area

As a digital installation specialist A1 Installation also now offer wired and wireless multi room cat5 & cat6 installations.

Wired multi-room

Components are linked by CAT5 or CAT6 cable and coaxial cable.

The CAT5/6 cable is a multi-function, low resistance network cable that carries sound and power.

Video is carried by standard co-axial cable. Speakers are wired up with standard speaker cable.


Due to the potential complexity of wired multi-room systems we recommend that they are professionally installed.

Convenient multi-room TV and audio systems installed around Sidcup. Call us on

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* Constant wired connection for no dropouts and consistent performance

* Guaranteed interference free - will not affect other wireless devices such as garage doors, remote    controlled toys, home hubs etc.

* Allows good quality video to be routed throughout the home

* Capable of immensely complicated system networks including full home automation

Wireless multi-room

This creates a wireless network around your home that carries audio, control and, in some cases, video It works in a similar way to a Wi-Fi home hub and, in some cases, this can even be incorporated to the multi-room system.


These systems can use  multiple points of transmission rather than a single hub, thereby giving more reliable network coverage than, say, your wireless home network hub. Multi point systems are  also less likely to be ‘grounded’ by too many people being in your home or be overloaded by high bandwidth information.

A further advantage of this type of system is that connection, either wired or wireless, to your home network hub gives streaming access to music stored on your PC and also Internet music services such as Last.fm.


* Quick and easy to set-up

* Easy to expand

* Take it with you when you move home

* Built-in control of and access to Internet radio and music

* Easy to stream from computer

* Control with PC, Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or radio controller