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Professional TV Installation in the

Sidcup area

In order to provide a complete service to our customers we now provide a TV wall mounting service. This is a job for professional installers as it is easy to get this DIY job wrong, causing a DIY disaster!


It's simple to cause unnecessary damage to your wall; and should the mounting fail this could damage your new TV beyond repair. Most insurance companies won't pay out unless it has been fitted by a professional too.


It is easy to get this job wrong. If a novice installer drills in the wrong place and drills through electrical cabling, this can result in a fatality.


To be safe, let the professionals mount it!


T V's  I can fit:

  • Plasma Televisions

  • Flatscreen Televisions

  • LCD Televisions


We also install satellite systems and multi-room TV




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or around Sidcup,

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